Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a...

Well we had the ultrasound today and Cyndi is almost 19 weeks. Several parts of the baby measured at 19.2 or 19.3 weeks, but some still measured at 18.5 weeks. Officialy Cyndi will be 19 weeks on Friday!

The baby looked great on the screen... It was exciting getting to watch the baby move around, touch the face, and wave at us... We had a good time for the 30 minutes we were in there.

As the ultrasound was going on, I was looking of course to see the sex. I think I saw it several times before she told us what it was.

The baby had the hiccups during the ultrasound which was neat to see...

Everything measured perfectly, and the baby weighed about 10 ounces. 6 more and it will be a whole pound!

OH!.... It's a BOY by the way!!!!

Jackson Wendell Eaton.

Wendell is after my grandfather... We love the name Jackson, and I got my wish of having a son called Jack!

School is out for after Friday, and I am excited... I will be teaching 5th grade next year, and I am looking forward to that.

We have a young man coming to stay with us from Massachusetts for the month of June, and I am going to do schoolwork with him. He is homeschooled and behind, so I am going to push him on a head!

Here are a couple of picture of Jackson!

The first one Jackson is waving at us!
The second one you can tell he is definetly a boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

BAD WEATHER?!?!?!?!?

I am sitting here in my house in Murfreesboro, and it has started to rain, lightning, and the wind has picked up! I am sitting at the computer with News Channel 5 live weather playing in the background... I hope there are no tornado's tonight because Cyndi has to drive home from Nashville late this evening.

Today was another day of subbing... I have subbed the past 3 days, and am wishing more and more that I had my own classroom. I am hoping that by the middle of May I will know where I will be teaching next year. I hear of some opening through out the county, so we will see... I am trusting God will take care of it.

This past week was revival at church, and I led worship Tuesday and Wednesday night... It was a great revival, and I really felt challeneged. I am leading worship this Sunday morning and evening. I had to pick out the songs last night, which took me awhile.

I am ready for the weekend, to have time with Cyndi... She is going to be 12 weeks tomorrow!! She will be in her final week of her first trimester. We have another Prenatal appt. next week, and I am hoping we get to hear the heartbeat of the baby! Just about another month, and we will know what we are having!

That is all for now! I am trying to stay safe in the bad weather...


Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break is Over?!??!!?

Ever feel like something has been built up, that it finally arrives, and then it is over so fast you didn't know it? That is the way I feel that spring break has been. I have been excited about it for weeks, and then it finally arrived, and is now going to be over in 3 days!

Our spring break was a lot of fun... We left Friday evening for Massachusetts, and then stayed until Wednesday evening. We had fun visiting with family, taking a gender test... (LOL) shopping, (Cyndi enjoys that with the lower tax) Cyndi and I sang at church on Sunday, which is always fun... It was a good trip and we got to spend quite a bit of time with my grandfather who is sick with lung cancer. He has been struggling with this terrible disease now for over 2 years. He just recently started taking the pill form of chemo, and it has been rough for him the past couple of weeks. He has broken out with a rash, and it struggling with being sick. I ask that everyone just say a quick prayer for him and that his attitude will be more positive.

We came back home on Wednesday and went right to bed... Yesterday I was able to do some yard work, and plant some grass seed on the spots where it has not grown. While I was working on that the builders next door were burning the scraps from the house next door a little too close to our house... The fire came over and caught our sod on fire... I ran over and got them and said "I think we have a problem, " the builder came over and took care of it. He said he will keep an eye on it and if it doesn't grow with the rest of the grass, he will replace that section of sod. He thinks it only burnt the dead off the top... I HOPE SO! My car was parked right near that, so I am glad it didn't get out of control!

Today I will head to my school, and get the classroom ready for the teacher coming back on Tuesday. I am then going to head to Nashville to eat with Cyndi, and then come home and try to do some more around the house... I cooked for Cyndi last night... Shepherd's Pie. It was really good! Cyndi had never had it before, and she enjoyed it... It is just mashed potato, corn, beef and onions... it is put together in layers and then you eat it.

I will leave you with some pictures of Spring Break! I will post more soon, when I load them from my camera... Enjoy!

This Test is supposed to tell us what
Sex our baby will be!

Our Results were...

BOY!!!! That's right... In 8 more weeks we will
let you know if that is accurate! LOL

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It is Wednesday, and nobody commented on my post... I wonder if anyone reads this?!??!! School is good this week... I am 2 days away from Spring Break, and Cyn and I are going to Massachusetts for the break! We are excited to spend time with family, and just get away for a break from Tennessee.

It is really nice here today... The temperature is 72 and it feels like Spring! I am hoping that when we get back from Massachusetts next week that the weather is going to stay like this for the spring. I am getting sad that my time with my 4th grade class is coming to an end. I know that some of the kids are upset as well. I have one boy that is (we think) Autistic. He told me he didn't want me to go, and he went to his desk and put his head down and started rubbing his face.

I am praying now that something good will come open for the fall. I am hoping before we hit the summer stride, that I will know where and what grade I will be teaching. It would be nice to have a summer of relaxation as I get ready to have my first full year of teaching!

American Idol is in full swing, and Cyn and I actually agree for the most part on who we like. We both like Gokey, Allison, Kris Allen, and we both think Adam Lambert can really sing, but he has to lose the nail polish and the gothic look. Adam's voice is incredible though, and I wish that I could do half of what he can vocally.

Biggest Loser is halfway through, and the contestants are really starting to look "Normal." I hope they go to singles next week. I am rooting for Mike, and Tara, and Kristin. I think that they are all young and have worked very hard in the competition.

That is about all for me to update about... We watched part of this DVD called Inside the Womb... It is amazing how a baby is created and develops so much within the first few weeks. I tell everyone, I do not understand how anyone could have a baby and not believe in God. There is no way that all the things that have to happen are just a happenstance.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning...

Well it is 8:27 on a Saturday morning, and once again Cyn and I didn't sleep in! We say all week that we cannot wait until Friday night, because we will sleep in. It never happens, and at 7 this morning we were awake...

A lot has been going on in my life... I am teaching 4th grade right now, and I really enjoy it. I have a group of great kids, and they have really come a long way in the 7 weeks I have been with them. I am sad that March 30th is my last day with them, but I knew going into it that it would be temporary... Starting in April I will be the CDC teacher at the same school I am at now in Smyrna. I will only get substitute's pay, but I think that it will be good experience. I would like to be in administration some day, so I think that this will look good on my resume. I have always had a soft spot for special ed. students, and I think this will be a good experience for me.

Well... this past week was exciting! Cyn and I got to see our little baby!!! My little baby had a big umbilical chord, and he had a pretty large head, if I may say so myself!!! I hope that head is getting filled with a lot of brains like his mothers!!!! (I call my baby a he, but we really do not know yet what it will be...) We go back to the doctors on April 9th and we will get to HEAR the heartbeat. This past week we only were able to see the heartbeat, but that was pretty special.

We have been having some car issues, so I have to get ready and Steve is going to change the spark plugs this morning for us, and hopefully that will take care of the issue. It is another rainy day here in Murfreesboro. It is good for the grass seed I layed out, but I am ready for some sun, and the warm weather to be back again!

I will leave you with some pictures of life with The Eatons as of right now!!